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Who Are We? Sovereign men and women and Live-Life-Claimants willing to help others gain personal freedom away from the Cabalistic Birth Certificate System


FREEDOM FROM THE MATRIX! Are you waking up to the fact that you have been part of the Matrix for so many years? Have you been red-pilled by others around you? Then you have come to the right place, as we can help you REALLY understand what has been happening in the Matrix and how to begin weaving yourself out of it, to become sentient, free men and women living under God's Law!

Do you know that you are considered by your government as a “legal entity” or as a “person lost at sea?” Did you know that your government has been exploiting your Birth Certificate for their gain? Do you know that staying in this system will continue to enslave you? We can help you step-by-step to ditch your Birth Certificate and become free from this enslavement!


BECOMING A SENTIENT MAN OR WOMAN To gain your freedom, you need to give up your birth certificate and control your Strawman who is the twin you did not know you had!

Do you know what the Quantum Banking System is? Do you know what NESARA/GESARA is and how this can help you? Do you know what is behind the Coronavirus confusion? Who is behind this Satanic plan? Do you know where your taxes go to? Why do you not have any say in where this money is used? Do you feel that you are living in a Big Police state with more and more laws, statutes and fines? Would you like to live under God’s Law?


HOW DO I GAIN MY FREEDOM? We have been researching and learning about the necessary steps that must follow to become free from the enslavement of the present world you live in - there is nothing ``illegal`` in deciding to follow this road, which is the only road for you and your loved ones.

We have designed this website with all its information to help you every step of the way - its really quite easy and life-saving for many!

Gain your Sovereignty and become a FREE man or woman, prepare your Live-Life-Claim and regain control of your Strawman so you can live as a human being, not as a fiction!

Where Do I Begin? The following 3 courses are very important to begin with:

1. Birth Certificate scam
2. Meet Your Strawman
3. Getting your Live-Life-Claim

Take a peek preview of these 3 important courses by clicking on their images below:

Please note that these 3 courses need to be taken in order, as one is a prerequisite of the other!

All the funds from the sale of these courses go to St. Luke’s Healthcare Charity for helping economically compromised people seeking the help of Natural Medicine.

Who Is Your Strawman? The straw man is an artificial person.

The straw man was created by law shortly after you were born via the registration of the application for your birth certificate.

The name for the straw man is your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

You will notice that the inscription on the birth certificate is your name in all-capital letters.

Two Parallel Laws - Law of the Land & the Sea Language has power and magic because of man’s ego-conscious state.

The Powers-That-Be deliberately utilize language and man’s ego-conscious condition for administering power and exploitation. The entire legal system is a word game, played by the designers and operators of the system for purposes of power, plunder,

Obtaining a Claim of a Life Contract What is a Claim of a Life Contract? Through intense research of the system and the history of modern man, many have realized a great deal about the way in which humanity has been enslaved into a corporate world where we are seen as cattle.

Maritime Law, Civil law dictates today, each and every courtroom is a vessel in dry dock, hence the name dock that a defendant stands in during court proceedings.

What Other Important Courses? Other important courses that will help you understand more about contracts written in Legalese or Dog Latin and how to transform them to the language of truth - the mathematical Quantum Grammar. See the 3 important courses to cover this material below:

The Inventors of Quantum Grammar Quantum-grammar essentially offers a mathematical way to write contracts in a proper and correct way that cannot be misunderstood, upholds integrity in contracting, and holds all parties duly accountable for whatever they promise to deliver.

On April 6th, 1988, David-Wynn Miller and Russel J Gould broke the math interface in all 5,000 languages. Can write any sentence in any language, both front and backward, with the same meaning.

The Mechanics of Quantum Grammar - Part 1 In January 8th 1872, a series of events through the Universal Postal Union captured the entire planet – threw the entire world into a postal zone. This was the beginning of the scheme to take over planet earth. The Freemasons tried to take over the world.

It is important to learn how to SYNTAX, Russel J Gould, the Postmaster General of the World, has created templates and contracts that we can use - it's only after really digesting syntax does the concept of the quantum appear.

The Mechanics of Quantum Grammar - Part 2 Syntax is simply a system of allocating numbers to words to identify their position and meaning within a sentence. The grammar we learned at school is referred to as adverb/verb and there is in fact zero FACTS written within an adverb/verb scenario – language requires a position, a lodial and a fact to read as fact.

Quantum Grammar is factual language – one thought – one sentence – read front and back means the same thing, there is no room for interpretation based on fancy. It was registered with the United Nations in 1999 and 250 countries agreed including Australia. The judges are very aware of this language and it has been successfully hidden from the public for over 20 years.

What Other Important Courses? Other important courses that will help you understand how the world's system of domination and enslavement was set up and by whom. See these courses below:

The Holy Grail of Who Runs and Controls All The world is run by a small group of people that have managed over the last few hundred years to network the globe and control governments, organizations, central banks and all funding agents.

Some people know them as the Illuminati or Free Masons, but they have other names too.

Learn about the structure of these Illuminati so you are aware of the realities of these structures and their evil intentions.

Who Controls the World's Money? It may shock you to know that the world's money supply is controlled by a small group of people - mainly the ``Committee of 300`` which make up the Bilderberg Group.

They run the Central banks, Federal Reserve, print money and control the stock markets, gold and silver values and more.

The Evils of the Deep State Many people in history have referred to the ``Deep State`` or Cabal, only to be criticised for being conspiracy theorists.

Delve deeper into the true structure of the Deep State and what their evil plans are for the world at large - depopulation, poisoning and drugging most people, vaccinating everyone with lethal vaccines, transferring people's wealth to themselves and more.

What Other Important Courses? Other important courses that will help you understand which factions of power control the whole world, and the people behind them. The Evils of the Deep State looks at the atrocities to humanity committed by these crime syndicates for their benefit, See these courses below:

Biggest Bank Scam in the History of the World Fractional banking emerged after President Nixon did away with the ``gold standard`` in 1971. This means that banks can now create money out of thin air and transfer it electronically. All central banks are privately owned by a small group of people who manipulate interest rates and the stock market.

These bankers collect most of the taxes that we pay to use for self-interests - this money does not stay with the people. Learn how banks really work and the scams they get up to.

The Changing World of 2021 The years 2020-2021 have involved many changes with the take-down of the Cabal, fall of the Monarchy, the exposure of pedophile rings with Epstein and Maxwell being arrested, exposure of the voting fraud in the USA, exposure of Hollywood's pedophile and human trafficking activities.
The Future - NESARA/GESARA The future has many good things to offer humanity - the release of many thousands of suppressed patents for health technologies such as Med Beds, Free Energy devices, the release of huge amounts of wealth that the Cabal has stolen from the people, the abolishment of taxes, VAT, capital transfer taxes, the end of Central banks as we know them, the beginning of a new Quantom Banking System that will be for the benefit of the people and much more.

Birth Certificate and Beyond Your birth certificate has been used against you from the day you were born, unknowingly to yourself and your parents. Learn the dark secrets of how your birth certificate placed you under the enslavement of the Cabal and how you can break this enslavement if you know how.

Did you know that your parents inadvertently gave the ruling Cabal “permission” to use you as “cargo” to collect many millions of dollars from you in taxes? It is true! Now you will learn how the system works and how you can regain your Sovereignty once and for all in order to stop being a “slave” to the wicked elite!

What Does the Program Include? The Delusion we are living, who controls the world, the evils of the Deep State, human trafficking, pedophile rings of the elite, who controls the money supply, biggest bank scams in the history of the world, what is money, your Strawman, two parallel legal systems. Sovereignty, changing world of 2020, NESARA/GESARA, Claim-of-a-Life, Quantum Grammar

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